Pritom Travels

Medical and Health Check
Potential recruits undergo medical and health check to ensure that they are fit for the job they have been chosen for.
Training & Orientation
Our orientation programmes is structured to train and select the preferred person for the job and make him acquainted with the environment of the employer''s country.
Manpower Export
For prompt supply of the workforce, we attempt collectively with a number of travel agencies specialized in manpower placements. We maintain close relation with different airlines operating between Bangladesh and the countries where potential manpower are exported.
With the successfully placement of workers, we at last achieve a milestone. However, within our system of operation- monitoring is a vital process. Monitoring helps us to stay abreast with the performance of our recruits and their management by respective employers, act promptly to address any discrepancies in their work effort or mi-sunder-standing with their employers. Our overseas contact is instrumental in monitoring these issues and offer advice to the workforce.
Client services
Pritom''s operations are guided by a phrase made of only two key words"Client Services". It is reflected in our client-friendly prompt and transparent services, flexible operations and variety of services. A positive and personalized approach to the needs of valued clients is our ultimate motto of business.
We are highly conscious of our clients'' needs for a fast and accurate response. It is in this area where we must deserve qualitative superiority. We are able to provide a service of great depth and speed because of our continued emphasis in information technology and modern communication systems.
Client''s satisfaction

We always give paramount importance to our clients'' requirements and offer unique solutions to meet their demand. We believe that our existence truly lies on our "Client''s Satisfaction". So we match the needs of overseas principals and try our best to meet those requirements by having an intimate knowledge of the existing workforce and ability to evaluate their performance. We recognize that to reach our full potential by obtaining the highest quality database and having the ability to process and evaluate it rapidly is vital.

Pritom has established a network among overseas employers and gained a solid reputa-tion as an International Manpower Placement Company. To ensure steady and long-term growth as well as sharpen our competitive edge in a changing business environment, we strive to maintain and improve and improve our quality of services and broaden our range of services, which meet the growing requirements of the overseas employers in a complex and challenging environment.
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